• Pure Grain

    Pure Grain is a swell company. It swells between one and forty people depending on the project.

    Mostly, though, Pure Grain is Roberto Miller directing and producing commercials and videos for clients such as HP and Apple.

    Roberto also makes award-winning digital films that have been broadcast in Europe and the U.S., screened at film festivals such as Sundance, and written about in American Cinematographer.

    He is currently in post-production on his first feature film, Mandorla.

  • Film Project

    Feature Film Project

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  • Roberto Miller

    Roberto Miller
    Creative Director

    After completing a far too sensible study of computer science in college, Roberto left the country to become a journalist abroad. He wrote articles about sailing, music, and off-beat stories for The Wall Street Journal and other publications.

    As luck would have it, editors complained about his visual style of writing. They urged him to pick up a camera. He did and a new path soon revealed itself. He returned to the States and took a day-job at Stanford University to produce multimedia while studying filmmaking and screenwriting.

    Roberto left Stanford to make the first all-digital film, the award-winning Mail Bonding, as reported in American Cinematographer in April 1995.

    Since then, Roberto has written, produced, and directed stories for the screen, large and small.

    He owes the "o" in his nickname to family roots in New Orleans and Central America, and is currently completing Mandorla, a feature film about a man with a mysterious calling.

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